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aidan waite in every episode → the end of the world as we knew it

"I have killed so many people that their faces are a blur. I used to think that I would go crazy trying to remember. But when you can’t. When there’s too many. When it has been too long. That’s when it gets scary."

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aidan waite in every episode → i see your true colors and that’s why i hate you

"So you explain it to them. And maybe one day they’ll even believe that you are a wolf. And so they’ll build you a cage. And it’ll work. Every month you’ll transform in the comfort of your own home. And in the morning your parents will be waiting for you with food and water. And they will clean you like the day that you were born because…Because he’s not a monster. He’s our son. And he would never ever hurt us. So one day someone will leave the cage unlocked because…what’s the worst that can happen? Then brutally against your human will, you will kill them all.”

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What are you gonna do, brainwash him? Make him forget what you did to his dad? You really trust yourself inside this guy’s head? That’s funny. When I do it, it’s brainwashing. But when you do it for a cup of tea, it’s, what…seduction?

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