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“Yes, I’m very shy, but I do my best to work around it. I know it may seem strange for an actor, but acting is a good way of overcoming this trait. It gives me the opportunity to open up more to others”. — Jensen Ackles.

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VanCon moments

Talking to Mark Sheppard about his roles in warehouse 13, doctor who and supernatural. He said he will always be Crowley.

Gil McKinney can sing.

Osric sang “kiss me”

Matt Cohen walking in the crowd and taking selfies on other people’s phones

Louden Swain played 3 encores during the cabaret

Jensen got twitter!

Things that are memorable from VanCon So far

"I just need Two fingers of Matt Cohen" -Rob Benedict

"My Favourite episode was tall Tales" -Richard Speight Jr.

During my photo Op with Rob I told him he was the perfect height and he said “Yeah? we’d Make the perfect Couple” and hugged me tight. Then I kept running into him all day.

Matt Cohen and Gil McKinney Ice Bucket challenge! I have full video of that here


while in line for my Richard Photo Op Matt was standing beside me and they had hip hop music playing so I asked Matt where his breakdance moves were and he shook his head and laughed saying “They don’t exist” then he hugged me :)

Misha Collins using Rob and Richard as man servants.

Tahmoh is super tall and I Love him

Mark Sheppard came and sat near me in the audience.

I got interviewed for Joy TV about Supernatural

"#ALSIceBucketChallenge Please donate to ALSA.org! @CharlesCottier @ToddJLasance & @NateBuzz​ you have 24hrs!"

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